J&J Smart Charters is a family-run business in Ninilchik, Alaska

A photographic haven lodged in history. People of Russian lineage from Kodiak originally began settling the area in the 1840s, as a fur trading village. Ninilchik is now a small fishing community that lives up to its given name ‘peaceful settlement by a river’.

Ninilchik Chamber of Commerce

Our campground normally opens May through August, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm (with varied hours when fishing charters are departing earlier). 

Meet The Crew

The entire crew at J&J Smart Charters loves what they do and look forward to seeing you this summer!

Captain John Smart and his wife, Joan

J&J Smart Charters is a family-run business.  John and Joan Smart have lived in Alaska since 1989 and started J&J Smart Charters in 1992 with Captain John as the main captain. 2022 will be their 30th Anniversary of chartering on Cook Inlet in Ninilchik, Alaska.  They purchased Deep Creek View Campground in 1995 and have been providing unique camping experience and enjoyment in Ninilchik for over 25 years.

Captain Sarah

Our daughter, Captain Sarah, has been helping on fishing charters since she was 11 years old and in 2003 received her captains license.  She is one of our part-time boat captains during the summer months and a part-time veterinarian.

Captain Jabba

Captain Jabba Aamodt is one of our full-time captains and current owner of the SOLO and HERS boats.  We are excited to have Jabba staying at our campground for the entire summer as another member of our camp family!

Captain Tim

Captain Tim was our full-time captain until he decided to obtain a full-time, year-round job. We’re very happy for Tim and his family and hope to continue to see them around the campground when they’re available during the summer months.

Captain Dan

Captain Dan Retzinger (a teacher from Anchorage) has been our part-time captain for many years, when his summer schedule allows.  Dan operates his own boat, the Seeker, when needed.  We always look forward to hearing all of Dan’s great stories.


Campground Manager, Jenny

Campground Manager, Jenny, joined our “camp family” in 2015 and is our full-time Camp Manager.  We are very happy to have her friendly smile, competence, and teaching experience at the campground this summer.  She’s absolutely incredible!

Captain Bubba

Captain Bubba

Captain Bubba (Austin Kruger) is another awesome full-time captain we have on our staff. He was born and raised in Utah, and has fished here in Alaska for many years.

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