Trip Photos from 2010

We’ve said goodbye to our old website and our old photo gallery; but we’ve archived the 2010 trip photos here for your enjoyment. Photos are sorted by date and boat name. After viewing, click Back on your browser to return to this page. Enjoy!

09-04-10 Hers Too – Bruce, Cathy, Malecha Party, Captain Sarah and Savannah, Rick, Henry Party
09-04-10 Hers – Captain John, Dave, George, Justin, Jim, Ian, and Joe
08-28-10 Yoda – Mocha, Bishop, Dirty, Jim, Allison, Captain John with Savannah
08-28-10 Hers Too – BooBoo, Hawk, Nate, Flash, Fletch, Garmin, Elk, Rhino, Spike,Fillard, Capt. Mike
08-28-10 Hers – Deckhand Nate, Captain Sarah with Savannah and the Mountain Home Strike Eagles — they struck Alaska!
08-27-10 Hers Too – Phelps, Booster, Denzel, Woody, Higgie, Darth, Sox, Capt. Mike
08-27-10 Hers – Capt. John and THE BOSS and Crew from Weapons School
08-23-10 Hers Too – Nate, George, Mike, Joe, Shane, Kevin, Capt. Mike
08-22-10 Yoda – Riley, Kirklands, Pelleritos, Capt. Dan
08-22-10 Hers Too – Mike, Steve, Dale, Gail, BooBoo, Hannah, Capt. Mike
08-22-10 Hers – Stricklands, George, Hannah, Nate, Capt. John, Rick, Duane
08-21-10 YODA – Hayden Party with Captain Dan
08-21-10 HERS – Curtis, Curtis, Duane, George, Jim, Captain John, Deckhand Oly with Hannah
08-20-10 Hers Too – Nate, Jon, Kristin, Joy, Don, Bob, Brian, Deshka, Capt. Mike
08-15-10 Hers Too – Jeryy, Spike, Kyle, Pat, Jeff, Jerry, Mary, Eyvind, Erik, Will, Capt. Mike
08-14-10 Hers Too – Jim, Terra, Miles, Taylor, Ivan, Dylan, Diana, BooBoo, Capt. Mike
08-14-10 Hers – Bria, Wendy, Cherith, Animal, Sarah, Ashley, Susan, Savannah, Capt. Sarah
08-13-10 Hers Too – Jerry, Pat, Dick, Wayne, Jack, Cpt. Mike
08-10-10 Hers Too – Capt. Mike, Bria, Russell, Carrie, Mark, Caitlin
08-09-10 Hers Too – Bria, Tom, Kent, Laura, Sandy, Alan, Paul, Josh, Hayden, Capt. Mike
08-08-10 Hers Too – Animal, Bria, Troy, Paul, Rocky, Diane, Meredith, Capt. Mike
08-06-10 Hers Too – Bria, Tony, Jeff, Ray, Dave, Patty, Rich, Margaret, Capt. Mike
08-05-10 Hers Too – Bria, Cam, Trey, Zac, Larissa, Ian, Seth, Ethan, Troy, Derek, Naomi, Capt. Mike
08-05-10 Hers – Mike, Randy, Jeff, Adam, Renee, Tom, Capt. John
08-04-10 Hers Too – Bria, Charles, Terry, Lori, Joyce, Mike, Capt. Dan
08-03-10 Hers Too – Capt. Mike, Bria, Nate, Gina, Shannon, Nathan, Jamie, Nicole, Jodi, Scott
08-03-10 Hers – Capt. Dan, Noysivs, Marinie, Dustin, Jim, Belinda, Mike
08-02-10 Hers Too – Bria, Capt. Mike, Ken, Steve, Cammie, Matt, Andre, Kalin, Jeanie
08-02-10 Hers – Mike, Matt, Martha, Jennifer, Krista, Capt. Dan, Gary
08-01-10 Hers Too – Bria, Belinda, Jan, Merle, Jim, Matt, Cammy, Andy, Kathy, Capt. Mike
08-01-10 Hers – Fulton, John, Paul, Mike, John, Capt. Dan, Robert, Terry
07-31-10 Hers – Mike, Larry, Ron, Capt. John
07-30-10 Yoda – James, Trevor, Jessica, Gill, Capt. Dan
07-30-10 Hers Too – Capt. Mike, Jerry, Arthur, Bobby
07-29-10 Hers Too – Capt. Mike, Bria, Maurie, Roland, Claudia, Mark, Joe, Ron, Walter
07-28-10 Hers Too – Mike, Maurie, Roger, Scott, Mike, Walter, Capt. Mike
07-27-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Brian, Corey, Winfred, Earnie, Naomi, Derek, Dave, Capt. Mike
07-27-10 Hers Too – Bria, Brian, Christine, Mary Beth, Tom, Doug, Sue, Matt, Capt. Mike
07-27-10 Hers pm – Mike, Tracy, Jason, Jim, Trauma, Jake, Stephanie, Dannica, Earl, Capt. John
07-27-10 Hers – Mike, Ron, Kandi, Caldwells, Capt. John
07-26-10 Hers Too – Bria, Shawn, Robert, Capt. Mike, Terry, Arthur, Hunter, Jerry
07-24-10 Hers Too – Capt. Mike, Bria, James, LJ, Ben, David, Roger, Judy, Jim
07-24-10 Hers – Mike, Rodney, Layla, Ruben, Rodney Jr., Debbie, Savannah, Capt. Sarah
07-23-10 Yoda – Capt. John, Cody, Dick, Kim, Darlene, Billie Anne, Evor, Sean, Eric
07-23-10 Hers Too – Bria, Hess Party, Rusty, Capt. Mike
07-22-10 Yoda – Mike, Brett, Mark, Cody, Capt. John, Steven, Pete
07-22-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Melanie, Carrol, Steve, Kase, Fred, Jim, Robert, Lee, Capt. Dan
07-22-10 Hers Too – Mike, James, Amy, Cathy, John, Abigail, Zach, Wes, Roger, Bonnie, Capt. Dan
07-22-10 Hers pm – Bria, Dan, Denise, Luke, Jack, Kyle, Grub, Capt. Dan
07-22-10 Hers – Bria, Kirk, Ron, Robert, Orian, Danny, Oscar, Capt. Mike
07-22-10 Hers – Mike, Cary, David, Ursala, Amy, David, Sarah, Capt. Dan
07-21-10 Yoda pm – Cary, Dave, Ursala, Amy, Sarah, David, Cody, Capt. Dan
07-21-10 Yoda – Capt. Dan, Cody, Justin, Jarod, Ryan, David, Foster, Anthony
07-21-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Mike, Mike, Cody, Chase, Dylan, Cory, Scott, Riley
07-21-10 Hers Too – Bria, Ralph, Ethan, Rafael, Salvatore, Bruce, Clyde, Shawn, Capt. Mike
07-21-10 Hers pm – Mike, Scott, Shannon, Riley, Payton, Ashley, Jacqueline, Caroline, Danny, Marie, Capt. John
07-21-10 Hers – Mike, Peter, Christian, Robert, Orian, Oscar, Danny, Capt. John
07-20-10 Yoda – Cody, John, Cathy, James, Craig, LeeAnn, Amy, Capt. Dan
07-20-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Dave, Dan, Robert, Roger, Orion, Camden, Blaise, Capt. Dan
07-20-10 Hers Too – Denny, Craig, Mike, Rick, Erik, Jamie, Capt. Mike
07-20-10 Hers – Ira, Todd, Logan, Capt. John, Donella, Rusty, Gail, Jennifer, Mike
07-19-10 Yoda pm – Don, Susan, Rusty, Deb, Tom, John, Capt. John, Janice
07-19-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Debbie, Greg, Mark, Tim, BooBoo, Capt. Mike, Tony, George, Al
07-19-10 Hers Too – Bria, Jon, Liz, Kiana, Joey, Peter, General, Julie, Thad
07-19-10 Hers pm – Mike, Brian, Karen, Greg, Matthew, Aaron, Capt. Dan
07-19-10 Hers – Mike, Greg, Phil, Brad, Todd, Dave, Gary, Capt. Dan
07-18-10 Yoda pm – Bria, Roger, Greg, Jan, Danny, Mike, Mike, Capt. Dan
07-18-10 Yoda – Cody, John, Heather, Vince, Ethan, Capt. Dan, Gale
07-18-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Shawn, Jane, Rich, Ron, Justin, Anne, Cricket, Capt. Mike
07-18-10 Hers Too – Zweigs & Kelms
07-18-10 Hers – Mike, Rita, Ross, Justin, Rebecca, Shelby, Capt. Mike
07-16-10 Hers Too – Mike, Dennis, Travis, Penny, Michael, Will, Steve, Lynn, John, Capt. Mike
07-14-10 Shantelly Marie – Mike, Mikey, George, Ted, John, Mike, Stephanie, Capt. Jason
07-14-10 Hers Too – Bria, Capt. Mike, Jim, Chris, Scott, Nate, Michelle, Kyle
07-13-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Brad, Hunter, Nick, Jackie, Derek, Hannah, Capt. Mike
07-13-10 Hers Too – Bria, Deanna, Art, Charleton, Sonya, Phil, Pat, Tom, Kurt, Buddy, Capt. Mike
07-12-10 Yoda – Bria, Barrett, Dave, Mike, Justin, Tom, Heidi, Capt. John
07-12-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Paul, Andrew, Debbie, Richard, Janet, Greg, Capt. Mike
07-12-10 Hers Too – Mike, Dieter, Jack, Rebecca, Ed, Lee Ann, John, Carol, Helmut, Capt. Mike
07-11-10 Yoda – Bria, Sherman, Capt. John, Pat, Andrew, Paul, Charlie
07-11-10 Hers Too – Mike, Samantha, Summer, Michelle, Doug, Capt. Mike
07-10-10 Hers Too – Bria, Herb, Robert, Mel, Tom, Jerome, Josh, Caleb, Mark, Capt. Mike, Hannah
07-09-10 Hers Too – Hannah, Bria, Floyd, Mark, Angie, Rachel, Morgan, Steve, Matt
07-08-10 Hers Too – Mike, Pat, Adam, Doug, Mark, Glen, Michael, Cassie, Brad, Capt. Mike
07-07-10 Hers Too – Mike, Kelly, BooBoo, Floyd, Steve, Dennis, Greg, Ivan, Capt. Mike
07-06-10 Hers Too pm – Crafts and McGees
07-06-10 Hers Too – Mike, Sarah, Nora, Diane, Antonio, Capt. Mike
07-05-10 Hers – Bria, Mike, Josh, Kim, Billie, Dave, Shawn, Jim, Capt. Mike
07-04-10 Yoda – Cody, Mike, Kevin, Matt, Mike, Capt. Dan
07-04-10 Hers Too – Capt. Sarah, Mike, Tom, Glenda, Chad, Rhonda, Jasey, David, Diana, Darren, David
07-04-10 Hers – Bria, Katie, Alex, Katie, Spidey, Jesse, Alanna, Chris, Capt. Mike
07-03-10 Yoda – Cody, John, Matt, Jarod, Kurt, Nick, Capt. Dan
07-03-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Curt, Nellie, Steve, Greg, Dan, George, Capt. Mike, Hannah
07-03-10 Hers Too – Bria, Marti, Mike, Helen, Jesse, Joe, Tonya, Nancy, Sal
07-03-10 Hers – Mike, Travis, Lad, William, Larry, Gene, Greg, Capt. Mike
07-02-10 Hers Too – Bourne and Davis Families
07-01-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Cody, Pat, Kendal, Jim, Capt. Mike, Hannah
07-01-10 Hers Too – Bria, Nancy, Greg, Steve, Tim, Tony, Nick, Prof. Stone, Capt. Mike
06-30-10 Hers – Mike, Scott, Dennis, Andrew, Lauren, Capt. Mike
06-29-10 Hers Too – Bria, Earnest, Winford, Capt. Mike
06-29-10 Hers Too – Bria, Earnest, Winford, Capt. Mike
06-28-10 Hers Too – Mike, Wayned, Luke, Richard, Jeff, Jeff, Rhonda, Josh, Capt. Mike
06-26-10 Hers Too – Bria, Raul, Robe, Jerad, Capt. Ryan, Joe, Kerry, Joe, Donny, Capt. Mike
06-24-10 Hers Too – Capt. Mike, Mike, Mike, Kodiak, Cody, Peter, Tony, Dan, Tom, Fred
06-23-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Roger, Stacy, Carson, Logan, Animal, Elli, Dan, Jeremy, Capt. Mike, Hannah
06-23-10 Hers Too – Bria, Ken, Lindsey, Patrick, Mike, Rick, Bob, Scott, Capt. Mike
06-22-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Terry, Jeremy, Kevin, John, Capt. Mike, Hannah, Paul, Rick, Dave
06-22-10 Hers Too – Mike, Ken, Julia, Joe, Hannah, Jim, Gerry, Corbie, Bob, Capt. Mike, Hannah
06-21-10 Yoda pm – Mike, Darrel, Bill, Charlotte, James, Tara, Kevin, Capt. Mike, Hannah
06-21-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Animal, Drue, Sylvia, Vanessa, Zena, Dan
06-21-10 Hers Too – Terry, Theresa, Jo, Paula, Tom, Paul, Steve
06-21-10 Hers – Mike, Jeremy, Randy, James, Brent, Capt. Mike
06-20-10 Hers Too – Mike, Animal, Tige, Jason, Bryce, Laurie, Capt. Sarah
06-19-10 Yoda pm – Bria, Jeff, Sam, Michael, Debrah, Steve, Denise, Capt. Dan
06-19-10 Yoda – Richard, Reno, Eggar, Rufio, Capt. Dan, Yogi
06-19-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Roger, Logan, Capt. John, Carson, Elli, Stacy, Animal, Dan, Capt. Mike
06-19-10 Hers Too – Mike, Banzi, Wile-e, Fug, Mutha, Snipe, Capt. Sarah
06-19-10 Hers – John, Theresa, J.W., Victa, Jeremy, Patrick, Captain Mike
06-18-10 Yoda – Mike, Colin, Andria, Geannine, John, Keiighi, Isaac, Capt. Dan
06-18-10 Hers Too – Bria, John, Sabrina, John, Nate, Bill, Melvin, Don, Capt. Mike
06-15-10 Hers Too – Bria, Pete, Doug, Karen, Christian, Darien, Steve, Melissa, Capt. Mike, Hannah
06-14-10 Hers Too – Steve, Christian, Darien, Melissa, Pat, Vic, Capt. Mike, Charlie
06-12-10 Hers Too – Mike, Bob, Andrea, Mark, David
06-11-10 Yoda – Geannine, Earl, Sarah, Mike, Alan, Russ
06-10-10 Hers Too – Mike, Earl, Mike, Sarah, Geannine
06-09-10 Hers Too pm – Terry, Sue, Linda, Dave
06-09-10 Hers Too – Jerry, Kevin, Ken, Capt. Mike
06-08-10 Hers Too – Bria, Tim, Pat, Ron, BJ, Tom, Al, Capt. Mike, Hannah
06-07-10 Hers Too – Bria, Chris, Bob, Joe, Joe, John, Tony, Mike, Capt. Mike
06-06-10 Hers Too pm – Bria, Mike, Chris, Bob, Joe, Kim, John, Joe, Tony, Capt. Mike
06-06-10 Hers Too – Bria, Bruce, Chris, Don, Ron, Capt. Mike
06-06-10 Hers – Mike, Eric, Larry, Kenny, Kalina, Mike, Capt. Sarah
06-05-10 Yoda pm – FBI Group
06-05-10 Yoda – FBI group
06-05-10 Hers Too – Kenny, Bria, Capt. Sarah, Jason, Chris, Todd
06-05-10 Hers pm – FBI Group
06-05-10 Hers – FBI group
06-04-10 Mike’s 180 lb, catch – Biggest fish of the year…
06-04-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Joe, Chris, Joe, John, Tony, Mike, Bob, Capt. Mike
06-04-10 Hers Too – Bria, Don, Chris, Bruce, Gary, Capt. Mike
06-03-10 Hers – Bria, Gary, Dennis, Rob, Joe, Chrissy, Capt. Mike, Hannah
06-02-10 Hers Too – Mike, Shelly, Alec, Erik, Sean, Grandpa John, Scott, Great Grandma Hettie, Justin
06-01-10 Yoda – Randy, Sarah, Jason, Brian, Nick
06-01-10 Hers Too – Mike, Janice, David, Leonard, Jim, Anne, Gary, Capt. Mike
05-30-10 Yoda – Matt, Brent, Julie, Zach, Mark, Rob, Capt. Dan
05-30-10 Hers Too – Bill, Evan, Erin, Kathy, Sarah, Ryan
05-30-10 Hers – Mike, Rob, Denise, Chabba, Robin, Skimo, Creek, Katie, Michelle, Taz, Capt. Mike
05-30-10 1st 100 lb. catch – Michelle and Taz
05-29-10 Yoda – Matt, Capt. Dan, Jack, Tim, John, Lori, Patrick
05-29-10 Hers Too pm – Mike, Bradley, Riley, Drew, Solo, Matt, Drew, Megan, Capt. Mike
05-29-10 Hers Too – 525th Fighter Squadron
05-29-10 Hers – 525th Fighter Squadron
05-28-10 Hers Too – Mike, Gary, Tim, Jason, Mark, Jabba, Capt. Dan, Mike
05-27-10 Hers Too – Gary, Jason, Jabba, Tim, Mark, Capt. Dan
05-27-10 Hers – Mike, Dallas, Al, Eric, Lena, Capt. Mike
05-26-10 Hers – Capt. Mike, Dallas, Al, Bria
05-24-10 Yoda – Mike, Joe, Larry, Gerald, Rocky, George
05-24-10 Hers – Bria, Bill, Linda, Al, Dallas, Capt. Mike
05-23-10 Karen – 60 lbs. – Lady Luck
05-23-10 Hers – Mike, Mike, Sherry, Tony, Karen, Ray, Capt. Mike
05-22-10 Yoda – Mike, Richard, Ed, Chad, Ken, Denny, Capt. Dan
05-22-10 Hers Too – 962nd AACS
05-22-10 Hers pm – Bria, Eugene, Joel, Austin, Virgl, Laurel, Alex, Capt. Mike
05-22-10 Hers am – 962nd AACS
05-22-10 Eugene – 64 lbs. – Not bad for a first timer!
05-16-2010 HERS TOO – “Dozer” Shower Party
05-16-2010 HERS – Joyce Party
05-15-2010 HERS TOO – 19th Fighter Squadron and Stuhltrager Party
05-15-2010 HERS – King Party
05-08-2010 Trip – Romano Party
05-08-2010 Surprise Catch – This wasn’t a halibut–it’s a big skate.
05-15-2010 – Shannon’s Halibut

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