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  • WHAT A TRIP!!!!!! First King, first Halibut, first time on charter for several young men!! This was the best fishing trip I have been on in Alaska, ever!! Tim was our Captain and Cheyenne was his helper/deckhand and they were a team! We caught our first king while Tim was explaining how the rod and reels worked. We stayed out fishing for kings longer than the other boats because Tim had this feeling and boy was he right!!! We limited out on kings and as we were getting ready to move to halibut we caught 3 kings within 15 minutes!!!! As we were heading out between tides, Tim decided to stop in an area he had fished before and again he was spot on! We caught our limit within a couple of hours and headed back early!!!

    Hospitality is an understatement! Joan and John Smart have the best campground in Alaska. Not only is the campground the best, the lady who checks you in and basically runs the place (Kathy) is a hoot!!!! The whole staff are a class act that is hard to find in Alaska, whatever you need or want is at J&J’s!!!

    Thank you guys for a memorable event in my grandsons life!!!

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