About Our Boats

Hers Too, Ninilchik Charter Fishing

Our Newest Addition

The Sea Escape

The Sea Escape

6-Pack Aluminum Boat

Quick Water TOO

Our newest addition is a 28-foot, 6-pack aluminum boat named the Quick Water

T-Class Aluminum Chambered Boat (ACB)

In 2006, we began featuring a new 30’x10′ Coast Guard-inspected T-Class ACB boat. It’s one of the safest boats around Ninilchik and can fish up to 8 people!

Hers Too

Alumaweld Hardtop Boats

We also operate Coast Guard approved 28-foot Alumaweld hardtop boats. The boats have high sides for safety when fishing, and private portable toilets in the cabin. The safety equipment on board is Coast Guard approved and life vests are available for each person. Each boat has a raft on board, providing an additional safety factor.

A base station at our office in Deep Creek View Campground keeps in touch with each boat while fishing. We feature new twin Suzuki motors.

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